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Streamline's Captek is the ideal choice for dentists seeking the most aesthitic PFM available.


  • Mimics natural tooth structure
  • Provides life-like aesthetics at the gingival margin
  • Patients will not need to worry about gray or black lines that often appear with cast PFM crowns
  • Healthy and Durable
  • Compared to other PFMs, Captek has less bacterial accumulation


Single-Unit Crowns and Bridges with up to 2 pontics

Contra Indications

  • Molar cantilever pontics are not recommended


Manufacturer: Argen
Color: Yellow
Alloy: Au 88%, Pt 4%, Pd 4%, Ad 3%, In & Ru 1%
FDA: 510K:932243


Glass Ionomer cement (GC Fuji, GC American)
Panavia 21 (Must be tinplated)
Resin Ionomer cement (RelyX 3M ESPE)
Zinc Phosphate